Top 5 Red Flags to Look Out When Hiring a Roofing Contractor

Top 5 Red Flags to Look Out When Hiring a Roofing Contractor

In the aftermath of storms, most people are left abandoned and helpless due to the destruction of their roofs especially. After listing a lot of issues and aftermath of the hazards, there has been some necessary licensing for the roofers.

Generally, it is difficult to weed out the good roofing contractors from the bad ones by the homeowners. You can get reliable services for Emergency roof repair in Vinings GA. To aid many homeowners and consumers, NTRCA has compiled a list of the top 5 shady roofing practices mainly reported by members and homeowners to the organization.

Contingency Contracts

These contracts are a very common practice for many roofing companies. That’s one thing If the homeowner is aware of the contingency and understands and agrees to it by himself. However, when a roofing company rushes a homeowner to sign a contract but hides the language in fine print, without discussing the contingency with a homeowner, it’s a false act. The case is most frequently reported when a roofing company is promising a “free” emergency repair. if a homeowner will sign an agreement stating this clause, In the fine print will be mentioned details that tie the homeowner to that roofing contractor only in the event that the homeowner’s insurance company pays for a roof replacement.

Contractors Asking for Money Upfront

Another sign of a potential red flag is when a roofing contractor asks for money upfront. The senior citizens are mainly targeted by this kind of scams. They pay partial or in full upfront to the contractor but the contractors never return or complete the work. This is amongst the most common scams. Though in some cases, a partial payment may not be an alarming reason. You can get professional flat roof replacement in Vinings GA.

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Sales Lead Generation Companies

Another common approach highly reported is where there are lead generation companies often disguised as “roofing damage experts”. These companies call to areas that have recently received storm damage. They call and avoid identifying themselves by a company name and state homeowners they will be inspecting their area soon enough. When a homeowner agrees to an appointment, that company approaches and sells the lead to a legitimate roofing company. If some company hesitates the location and name question, simply hang up.

Roofing Companies Acting

Another red flag by these Insurance Adjusters is when these roofing contractors claim that they can aid homeowners to negotiate their claim. This is an illegal practice. A sole company cannot act as both, a homeowner’s insurance adjuster and their roofer.

Storm Chasers

Anybody cannot come out of the blue and claim to be an expert roofing contractor. There are people who work along with storms, they leave the town as soon as the storms do and are unwilling to service any kind of warranty they claimed and assured. And then there are also people who suddenly jump out in roofing business but have no roofing expertise, after a storm. Simply because they see significant opportunity to make money.

Roofing is a critical job and not every amateur can handle it. You should always rely on professionals when hiring for residential roofing service in Vinings GA.